How Your Facebook Stream Identifies What To Show You

05 Apr , 2018

Understand how the Facebook algorithm determines what to share on your newsfeed to make you take an action. Facebook posts are filtered by interests, time of the day, recent conversations, location intelligence, check-in, consumer behavior, shopping and search data that is cached in your browser.

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I was served with this social media streaming post by a friend; from whom I went to university (5 years ago). We havent seen each other in a very long time but his post was placed in my feed because we  share the same taste of music - which is how we met during our university studies. He shared the post about 30 minutes prior to posting. I am constantly talking about Carl Cox- who is featured in this live stream at Ultra Music Festival. I recently included him in my last blog post on how to effectively use Facebook live streaming for techno artists. As I scrolled down the feed, directly underneath his post was ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL sharing another live stream moment; they had another was playing on their Facebook feed.

How Your Facebook Stream Identifies What To Show You

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Embed your streams on your website pages or in an email newsletter, like this example below -- I copied and pasted the embed code from Facebook to place the content directly on the website page. This will allow users to watch the stream again, if they didn't have the opportunity to see during the Facebook LIVE stream.    

Carl Cox -- Holding It Down 🌟🌟

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