How To Effectively Use Facebook LIVE for Techno Artists πŸ‘οΈβ€πŸ—¨οΈ

15 Feb , 2018

Promoting yourself to as many individuals as you can possible reach using social media streaming πŸ’£πŸ’£ And the best part is connecting with them in real time. πŸ‘Ύ

facebook streaming for techno artists


How important is it when your music reaches mass amounts of individuals?

- Is it the reach to connect with as many people as possible. - Or how many comments, likes and shares. - What about music downloads to earn money. - Think about utilizing SMM for venues to book you at gigs - Specialize in live streaming in a niche market. When you bring together a collection of people that enjoy the same taste of music.Your community of people will like to dance, listen to tunes and be present with others who share the same sounds. πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘ΎπŸ‘Ύ

Social media has become the path to connecting the dots...putting the pieces together. I was very inspired to create new strategies for effectively promoting and pushing music for techno artists. Especially the artists who live in Barcelona, Detroit, Medellin and Berlin. I created a Facebook group page that is for artists, music lovers, dj, producers, light engineering, software engineering, designers, event promotors and management from festivals. I am slowing bringing together these people that are from around the world - who share the same level of passion & drive of techno music in this one collection - THE CREW.

Intro to Social Media Marketing For Techno Artists

Here is a quick vision that I brainstormed to communicate an introduction to using

Part 1: Tagging Friends In Facebook Comments To Increase Reach

When the stream has started, you can start tagging friends by typing the "@" sign and the name of your friend. The name will highlight to show that you've tagged in the comment. Once you tag their names in a comment; they are notified for each engagement. I tend to include a couple of hashtags to make the comment stand out in the news feed. πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘ΎπŸ‘Ύ Say witty things to collect attention from other social media users who are tuning in live with you. Few examples:

facebook comments

If you capture their attention immediately, users are more likely to invite, comment and share for their friends to join -- in real time.

With a shortcut - you can quickly invite 10 friends with a couple of clicks on your mouse. Select the button that says "INVITE FRIENDS" and start selecting the names of people who you want to join for the stream. Each person will receive a notification in the corner of the screen that will notify that the Facebook is LIVE. I really enjoy this feature because the names are listed by influencer of whom I last talked too - so it isn't a random invitation to a person in my network. My network knows that I have influencer in the music industry/

Part 2: Invite Friends Button To Watch Live In The Facebook Stream

Increasing engagement almost immediately -- as you can see time stamps from my friends that I tagged.. who are now responding in comments with phrases and emojis. We are listening to the live stream together. But networking at the same time. I specially tagged my friends that live in Detroit x Medellin x Barcelona x Berlin x Bali to bring together that sense of community.

techno music marketing

The love of techno music.. so easy to get caught up in clutter on social media. LIVE Streaming is a solid way to bring friends from around the world, with different time zones into one feed -- at the same time.

Part 3: Watching The Success "Roll-In" - Facebook LIVE Streaming For Techno Artist

I couldn't believe how quickly my network joined the LIVE stream. Within the first 20 minutes; more than 8 of us were exchanging messages back in forth. If I plan these better in advance, I can do better.. and reach more users the appropriate way... with strategy.

Part 4: How To Push LIVE Notifications To Subscribed Facebook Followers

Social media strategy is the most important element for a successful stream. You have to plan, execute and deliver properly to reach your social media and business goals. Try a few of these short cuts to increase your brand visibility, page likes and video views. I will be creating a media kit for artists to utilize this same technology when streaming online. My agency will build the graphic design template, incorporate video visual effects and promote on social media to gain the maximum reach. Marketing For Techno Artists: Connect for a Media Kit To Get Started Follow my YouTube Channel to watch tutorials on how-to use social media streaming for your music, festival or venue to capture real-time listenings - while promoting your love for techno and bringing together a collection of people. SubscribeΒ to YouTube for how-to videos & Follow on Instagram for real-time announcements in social media marketing. Send a direct message to with 3 to 4 websites links to hear your music on Soundcloud, Spotify, Facebook or other music streaming sites. You will be responded with a media kit on information for marketing.

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