Should be no surprise that DI TECHNO Is from 3-1-3, where the footprints of ambience & sound in Techno History began...

DI techno, LLC was founded by abstract artist & dreamer Melissa DiVietri - whose developed international music and art festivals throughout North America/ Central America / Europe and Asia. She started as a street team promoter during university for clubs in Chicago in Detroit. After working herself thru the music industry; she operates an international team in Serbia, Pakistan, Colombia, Indonesia, USA, Mexico and Spain.

After carefully extending her social media network of 250,000 followers; she is now only accepting podcasts on an interview basis with motivation to work towards a common goal. Her direct initiatives are supporting the local art and creative mindsets who build community & voice using their passions in art and music.


Contact the agency of DI TECHNO for opportunities in event planning / festival staging / artist booking / after hours in secret locations & social media marketing programs. TO speak to operations, please call +3137842879.

Detroit is the Birthplace of Techno Music.