Meli: When did you start your music career?
DJ BADSKOBA: I been spinning for myself many years, but I can say I started at 09/17 when I reached mixcloud

Meli: Do you remember your first opportunity to perform?
DJ BADSKOBA: Yes, my first performing was LIVE guest mix at Radio MWS Belgium

Meli: What style of music genre do you like?
DJ BADSKOBA: Techno, any shape of it is my master genre, but I listen to all kind of music as Rock, Blues or classic..

Mel: If you could play at any festival in the world, which would you choose?
DJ BADSKOBA: I prefer underground , but definitely there's many festivals I would love to perform at for example ADE, DAVA, Timewarp…

Meli: What is a challenge as a DJ or producer in the industry?
DJ BADSKOBA: Everything from meeting the right connections up to improving your producing or DJing quality all the time

Meli: How do you prepare your sets in advance before performance?
DJ BADSKOBA: I listen to tracks I want to spin and I love to do spontan improvization according to crowd reactions without much of preparation

Meli: If you could create a set with any DJ; who would that be and why?
DJ BADSKOBA: I am focusing at techno collabs and I already spinning with more then 30 TOP DJS or friends from each corner of the world, but I am very happy and proud to present and spin with Shay De Castro from USA. Thats was an honour for me, because she is delivering only top tracks in her beautiful mixes.

Meli: What do you see as your future for music?
DJ BADSKOBA: Worldwide spinning, producing great tracks, running own events in Norway.

Meli: How will you keep your roots and traditions in your originals?
DJ BADSKOBA: I always stuck to basic things as Respect to other djs and all my supporters and listeners and I try to keep my " THE BEAT MASTER" style in my sets and tracks


DJ BADSKOBA: Thank you very much for this interview Greetz n hugz to everyone 😎🤟

Born: Karvina, Czechoslovakia, 1982
Residence: Forsnavag, Norway

Master Genres:

Techno - Hard, Dark, Schranz, Detroit, Berlin ..; (D'n'B & Tech House as slave styles)