Diego Amaro

Diego Amaro born in Montevideo Uruguay, and raised in Utah, USA. At a young age he starts generating interest for music and getting into alternative rock, metal and hardcore. While looking for new experiences he rans into FL studio which submerges him with electronic music. In 2010 he returned back to Uruguay and got distanced from music until he became aware of the local emerging electronic music around 2017 and with this started his current DJ career. After quite a few experiences he decides to create Montevideo Indoor Studio in which this project's main purpose and focus is providing a space & support to emerging Djs. A while later he created Underground.UY focused on underground movement and events. He plays music with really heavy hits, activating the dance floor rapidly and followed up with really complex melodies which push the experience up to a whole new level. Some of the music that he likes to play are the following but are not limited to Melodic, Hard, Acid Techno in all of their ways, shapes and sounds.
Due to the actual COVID-19 situation he's had the opportunity to participate in many live streamings, podcasts and more with the following:
Techno Army Argentina, The lab sessions Colombia, Techno donde sea argentina, Quarentena by underground peru, BPM rave peru, beatscape peru, techno radar chile, techno connection UK, Bahrein Argentina and more.
Also he manages an online radio show on www.technoconnection.com which is an online radio based in the UK and belgium. The show is every saturday from 1:00 till 4:00PM UK time. With this he offers the space to local and international artists from all over the world and helps out not only the artists but also all of the people that need to #Stayathome.
He has hosted artists such as: Andrea Signore, Lucas Aguilera, Horacio Cruz, Shadym, James D, M.I.T.A, Diego Infanzon, ANET, Michell Lauriola, Devid Dega, LAMAJ, BB Deng, Ignacio Arfeli, Luca B, Cherry Core and more.