Sunday, May 26, 2019 at 7 AM – 9 PM - Briggs Detroit

Clave House presents: Elixir 2019

Sunday May 26, 2019
Clave House + Friends bring you the third installment of..

~ E l i x i r E x o t i q u e ~

A daytime get-together
featuring the sounds of . . .

D. Tiffany
Flora FM
Max Ellington


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About D. Tiffany's talent. Since then, Sophie Sweetland has been on a tear. She toured around the world, living in Australia for a spell and eventually relocating to Montreal, and started her own label, Planet Euphorique, which now has four releases under the belt, including her own EP of spacey electro, Feel U.



Kevin grew up listening to his father's vinyl record collection. His aspirations to deejay were spurred while he was a student at the University of Michigan. Thereafter he moved to downtown Detroit, it was only natural to become completely submerged in it's vibrant Techno scene...



BEIGE is a Detroit-based DJ and core member of Seraphine Collective, a group of feminists working to radically transform the local music scene. BEIGE is known for colorful, unpretentious, mostly-vinyl sets that whip between gospel, disco, funk, afro-house, techno, pop and r&b--big melodies, big vocals, and big Moods.