Friday, May 24 at 11 AM – May 28 at 6 AM - Detroit, Michigan

Glo Bus Dj Ride 2019

The Bassment - Detroit


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Terrence Parker has DJ'ed in more than 40 countries worldwide. TP has produced & released more than 100 original recordings & remixes. He has established himself as one of electronic music’s legendary Producer/DJs and continues to be in high demand as a touring DJ, Producer, and Remixer.


The Glo Bus was created to provide an exclusive & private concert experience almost anywhere!! We can do partys of 3 or 3000 people



Terrence Parker (known to many as "TP") born and raised in Detroit, has become legendary for his quite uncommon yet skillful turntablism style of playing House Music. TP has also become widely admired because he uses an actual telephone handset as headphones.