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Techno Tuesday Amsterdam

Techno Saki in Bali

Review: Movement in Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, Mich. Every year, the largest underground festival happens during Memorial Day weekend in beautiful Detroit. You can hear bass && feel vibrations from across the river in Windsor. See why legends like Carl Cox & Richie Hawtin represent this cityscape that Detroiters call "Gotham."

Review: Freedom Festival in Medellin, Colombia

From jet setter to go getter; the moment that I discovered Freedom; I have returned every year (no matter which country I am currently traveling). Colombians like to party hard, openly and dance for days without resting. I had to step my game up to keep up! See what you're missing in Medellin.

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Review: Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Spain

With a last minute schedule change, I was provided VIP passes for a festival in Spain. Sonar Festival 2018 marked the 25th anniversary celebrating the creation of light, sound, art and sonar. I could not believe the amount of technology that with opportunities like sound & light vibrations, float space tanks, film on activity from sound waves & sonar technology.