Sunday, May 26, 2019 at 11:30 AM – 3 PM

Just Add Water 2019

J.A.W. Aquatic Adventures returns to Detroit for Movement weekend after a stellar inaugural running with the return of Visionquest's Lee Curtiss and welcoming No.19 Music co-founder Nitin.
Join us as we celebrate a weekend that echos amazing experiences year after year and gives us the opportunity to connect with our friends from around the globe in music and dance. We are thrilled to return to Techno City with an event that is sure to once again be talked about for weeks following the festival and offers a nautical quest that promises to kick your Sunday off with an open water experience like no other.
Lee Curtiss
Color Deaf
Nitin’s story begins with Detroit, the techno mecca that has spawned an endless lineage of talent over the last 30 years. The sounds that emanated from Motor City through his radio in London, Ontario left an indelible imprint and inspired him to embark on a career that continues to flourish to this very day. Record shopping in Detroit led to a meeting with Mike Huckaby and Nitin subsequently playing the legendary Shelter at the age of 17. From there on in his fate was sealed


Color Deaf Records has been created with the underground in mind, meticulously culling release selections from some of today's top-charting players in House and Techno. We took our time with the label, over a year in the making, before breathing a word about it -- to make sure that things were moving in the desired direction and that we understood our vision. And our vision is clear: refined underground for discerning tastes.


Lee Curtiss - Master of the seductive synth, producer, DJ, songwriter, and all-round label visionary, Lee Curtiss knows how to straddle the dance industry’s many contradictions. In the process, he releases hits as exquisitely crafted and twisted as they are in global demand. The musical engine room of Visionquest, Lee first made his mark as a producer with releases for Spectral, Get Physical, Supplement Facts, Cityfox and Wolf & Lamb.