Lamaj Music

Jamie Jamal 'LAMAJ' 32 years on this amazing planet, born and raised in Enschede, the Netherlands. The love for music was given by my mother on a young age, i can't remember when there was a moment that we as family didn't listen to music. From dusk till dawn all genres were carefully played and saved, still today i use samples or inspiration from my mothers amazing collection. . One day i got grounded by my mother, i was in my room almost a whole weekend, i remember i saw the love parade for the first time on TV, That moment i knew !

The creation of music was not there yet, this would happen on my 14th birthday. I received a MAGIX music-maker software pack as bay-gift and although i never played an instrument, i had so many ideas.

Reaching 17 i decided to join the army, i bought my self a portable turntable and start learning myself the art of mixing tracks with samples, loops and other inputs.

In my free time i would practice and later perform for my colleagues at the army base, they gave me the name 'Lucky French' and so my first step to live my dream was taken.

Years go by and the day i turned 26 i was to busy with my life and all it brings, that i left 'Lucky French' in the back. But honestly i always promised myself to follow my true passion, so in between i kept saving and updating my collection of music, deep down inside i knew i needed it someday. I couldn't even imagine that this dream wouldn't come true.

27.7.18 the darkest day in my life was also the day i knew how important it is to make your dreams real. After a long period of pain and research the doctor found cancer in my body, leukemia ( CML ).