Monday, May 27, 2019 at 11 PM – 4 AM - Magic Stick

Repopulate Mars Official Movement After Party at the Magic Stick

Repopulate Mars + Movement + Paxahau + Magic Stick Presents

Repopulate Mars Movement After Party
Featuring: Lee Foss, Special Guest, Latmun, Caleb Calloway & Secondcity


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Caleb Calloway - Rooted from the tropical sounds of his native country Puerto Rico and the melting pot of sound he encountered in Chicago, Texas, and New York there is no other way to describe Caleb Calloway’s music but as diverse.
From his production to his DJ sets Calloway has been able to give the crowd exactly what they want while keeping his deeply engrained musical influences present. Coming from a musicalfamily with an uncle who has toured with every major latin artist you can think of music flows through his blood and has always been in his destiny.

Latmun, the moniker of Joe Bradley is making his mark through a unique interpretation of the Tech House soundscape. Both his DJ sets & own productions have a coherent energy, infectious grooves being the key component for crowds to be captivated worldwide.