Sunday, May 26 at 6:30 PM – May 27 at 5:30 AM - Marble Bar

Sampled Seventeen | Movement Weekend

Movement 2019 is upon us which is always a special time. Sampled was created 17 years ago during Memorial Day weekend with our first vinyl release. We are excited to share this event with you at one of our favorite venues for a repeat of what now has become one of Movements favorite afterparty events.

Mark Farina
Amp Fiddler LIVE
Tall Black Guy Productions LIVE
DJ Dez Andres b2b
Rick Wilhite
Claude Young b2b
Chuck Daniels
Lauren Flax b2b
Shaun J. Wright
Pontchartrain b2b
Rufus Gibson
Stone Owl

Mark Farina (Early Mushroom Jazz Set)
Vocal Performance by Abby B

Tickets are on sale now Resident Advisor
Chuck Daniels -We can trace Daniels’ career back to his teens when he and his best friend, Ross Reimer, began mixing music after school on Ross’s Technics 1200’s and Numark mixer. These daily encounters eventually culminated into a co-owned DJ company. Hooked up throughout the greater Detroit area, Daniels and Reimer became the “go to guys” for weddings, parties, and clubs of all types— you name it—they played it, from soup to nuts, tailor-made for their specific clients. As time went on, the routine became monotonous and unfulfilling for Daniels.

K-HAND is one of Detroit's true legend the Motor City native stands as a champion of the sounds that have defines its landscape. From soulful, sample-heavy house with more swing than a large playground to gritty, and motor techno, she notches close to 50+ EPs and albums on her longstanding Acacia Label since she launched in the early 90's. Not only that, she has releases extensively on revered labels over the years including Warp, Tresor, Studio K7! and Nina Kraviz’s (Trip) K-HAND — real name Kelli Hand - was named “The First Lady Of Detroit” by the city in a ceremony that took place at the Coleman A.


RIVA STARR - Just when you think you know Riva Starr... He’ll probably confuse you with yet another side to his musical personality. Don’t call him fickle, though. Try bored. Try excitable. Try unpredictable... And then some!

As Philippe Stark once famously said “I do not try to please everybody, I make what I can, how I can, when I can. […] I try to deserve to exist by doing my job well. I have this sickness called creativity and I exploit this sickness to offer new meaning in things to my friends. That’s it, very simple”