DI Techno presents an open air art festival in the heart of Downtown Detroit. Get Involved!

Where is the event?

Beacon Park, Downtown Detroit, Michigan, USA

When are the dates?

Saturday May 22 & Sunday May 23, 2021

Is the event free?

Yes the event is free, no alcohol on site - this event is around mindset;  

What type of sponsorships are available?

Who is the Audience Demographic?

18+ - artistics, creatives, musicians, DJs, entrepreneurs - those who live in Detroit & the surrounding areas for the first time for folks who haven't been out in a while during the pandemic. We are following protocol with city of Detroit & park officials to take care of COVID procedure. Each person receives a colorful branded mask and swag bag of goodies. But, now are receiving some traction from Midwest to make this a national event with Chicago, Brooklyn, Miami, Seattle - and other cities.

What is the intended outcome? What is the vision?

We want our visitors to return to our venues; this is a long term relationship to share our goals. Immersed by your culture & surroundings of the art. High energy, artsy, creative vibration - meant to be an open-minded environment for individuals in minorities; accessibility limitations like sight, sound and mobility.

How can it be beneficial to value each other?

  • Email list of attendees

  • Blog post on website - stillloadingmusicfestival.com

  • Shout out on social media - each sponsors 10 tags on stories

  • Content throughout the festival to use your brand vision

The Artists

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